Helping Hands

We are neighbours helping neighbours

NeighbourLink receives several calls on a daily basis for need requests

The office is staffed entirely by Member Church Volunteers

Who we Help

The calls come from a variety of people such as those who are local agency workers, governmental social workers, church Pastors and members, health care providers, unemployed, on social assistance, young adults,  single adults,  married couples,  seniors,  single parents,  pensioners, concerned family members or friends.

What we help with

Requests could be for assistance with a food bag of dry goods, a gently used bed or bedding, financial assistance with utility cut offs or rent evictions, furniture, a ride to a local medical appointment, baby item  or where to donate an item.

When you call

When the office volunteer answers your call,  they will conduct a short over-the-phone intake assessment to determine eligibility for our services. 

If there is an existing agency that can best meet the needs of the caller, the office volunteer will refer the caller there first,  since we do not duplicate existing services.

However we will advise them, if they do not qualify for assistance at this time with the agency we referred them to, they can call us back to see if we can help. 

 If there is not an existing agency that can help, we will see if the need can be met through a direct connection with a member church. 

NeighbourLink provides all services free of charge for those who qualify.

Please note: NeighbourLink is not an emergency service.  Some services require 1-2 weeks notice for service.

Food Pantry

In times of need, many do not know which way to turn. 

NeighbourLink recognizes the valuable service our local food banks and agencies offer to those in need within our community.

With the help of our member church volunteers, NeighbourLink works alongside to help meet these need. 

local food banks

NeighbourLink is not a food bank and we encourage our callers to first use any and all of the local food banks within our community. However there are times when a family has no food and they are not eligible to receive food assistance at the local food banks.

what we provide

NeighbourLink will provide a bag of dry goods from our food pantry to help them until they can return to one of the local food banks. 

donate food

Donations of dry goods is always appreciated through out the year. For our drop off locations, please call the office at


Gently Used Beds & Bedding

NeighbourLink accepts gently used beds and bedding from the community and gives them to people in need for free. 


Donations and requests for gently used beds can be made by calling the NeighbourLink office at 519-336-5465. 

Bedding Drop-off Location & hours

Temple Baptist Church, located next to Wal-Mart, is our public drop off location for donations of gently used bedding. 

We ask the bedding to be laundered prior to bringing in as donation.

You do NOT need to call our NeighbourLink office to drop off bedding.

 Please drop off your donated bedding to the Temple Baptist office during office hours, Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm. 

Pick Up Night

Christ Lutheran Church

One night a week, weather and stock permitting, we have a pick up night for callers who have qualified and arranged to pick up the items in need.

 NOTE: It is the callers responsibility to make arrangements for pickup of items, to have helpers and tie downs if required. 

Other Projects

Handwork Project

provides hand knitted baby blankets, preemie hats, children and adult winter hats & mittens, lap blankets, chemo hats and walker bags, are gathered and distributed to local schools, crisis center, nursing homes, and local hospitals.  

Activity Bag Project

provides a small stuff animal, activity book, sticker book and/or colouring book and crayons along with a few other items, to Bluewater Health children’s ward and emergency department as well as the Women Interval Home, to help children in distress situation.

Donations of such items to put together theses bags are greatly appreciated and can be made by calling the NeighbourLink office at 519-336-5465.  


  • All services are provided free of charge for those who qualify (Except incurred parking fees)
  • *We require 2 weeks notice for transportation requests. Our transportation services are available to adult who are physically independent and mobile.
  • Regular/ongoing services such as grocery shopping, transportation or visitations are available at a maximum of twice per month.
  • You must sign designated waiver for used items.
  • Food assistance vouchers, if available, are given to those who qualify once in a two month period.
  • ID must be shown & signature of receipt is required.